March 2022 Meeting


Saturday, March 12, 1–4 PM


Look at all the lovely yarn Ann brought for us! All BAKG members can order yarn and get a 25% discount until next week.

Ann is passionate about mending and reuse. During her talk she demonstrated how to darn a hole. Darning makes lovely mends—it’s particularly good for visible mends—and you can do it with materials you already have. Those who wanted to try their hand at darning during the March 12 meeting, brought the four items necessary to darn a hole:

1. A smooth, hard surface like a darning egg (or wooden spoon, or rounded light bulb, or small glass jar)

2. A tapestry needle (with a rounded point)

3. Some fingering-weight yarn

4. A knit item with a hole in it (handknit or mass-produced)

REMINDER: The March meeting featured a live Show and Tell! Check in began at 12:30 pm, when your membership and proof of vaccination are confirmed. 

This is a members only event. If you are not a member, consider becoming a member.

Of course, we want this to be a safe experience for everyone who’s ready to come back to in-person meetings, so we’ve established the following policies:
* Maximum attendees: 120, including Board members. To allow for space between chairs, there will be no tables for yarn winding or charity knitting, and no KAL. There will be no guests. For future live meetings, this number might change.
* Pre-registration will be required. Please wait for the email from the Programs Chair.
* Proof of COVID vaccine and booster (if eligible for booster), will be required on the day of the meeting. 
* Masks will be required in the meeting room. This too may change for future in-person meetings.
* Wait List: The Members Chair will maintain a wait list.