Chatting with Lily

Recipients of our charity work often express their gratitude.

Coming soon! Updates from Lily’s trip to Uruguay.

Good Afternoon,

My name is Jasmine Avalo and I work with Maria Torres in Aftercare Services here at LiveOnNY.

We recently received the 2 beautiful blankets your organization donated to our Sean’s Gift Blanket Program.

Thank you again for your kindness and generosity!!!

Jasmine Avalo

Aftercare Services

Charity Outreach in Honor of Grace Shanahan,

First President of the Big Apple Knitting Guild!

Grace Shanahan was a prolific knitter who couldn’t go a day without knitting. “I don’t need drugs,” Grace would say, “I’m high on Koigu.” Grace’s love of knitting and people led her to help establish the Brooklyn Knit and Crochet Guild, the Dyker Knitting Group and our beloved Big Apple Knitters Guild. Sadly in 2014 Grace lost her battle with cancer leaving behind many friends and unfinished projects.

In honor of Grace, we will be collecting cancer caps during the March, April and May meetings. Caps should be made from cotton/cotton blends, soft acrylic, cashmere, or silk. Avoid wool, alpaca, or mohair as they will be too itchy for sensitive scalps. Use any pattern you like or click here to go to Ravelry and see the results of a “Chemo Hat” pattern search .

UPDATE!  Thank you members of the Dyker Knitting Group for your generous donation of Chemo Caps at the March 2023 meeting!