Saturday, May 14, 1–4 PM
Yarn Auction and Sale

Feed your yarn addiction! We have yak, camel, blue faced leister, silk, cashmere, and countless wool and wool blend yarns on offer.  We have two large storage units full!  Sale tables will therefore overflow,  and the Auction holds more surprises.  Members will receive an email of the lot number and item descriptions in advance;  you’ll  be able to preview them at the meeting as well.  

No Show and Tell or Break-Out Tables
There will be no Show and Tell, Charity Knitting, Beginners Circle, or KALs at this meeting. We will have a box for charity knitting drop-off.

Policies for Returning to Live Meeting (stay tuned – these policies may be updated)

No pre-registration for members will be required.

* Proof of COVID vaccine and booster (if eligible for booster), will be required on the day of the meeting. See below for further details.

* Masks will be required in the meeting room. This may change for future in-person meetings.

* All preregistered guests must pre-register between now and May 10. This is done by a member emailing with the guest’s or guests’ name and email address. (UPDATE as of April 17) Consider becoming a member.

On the Day of the Meeting

* Check-in will begin at 12:30 pm. Check-in will be outside our meeting room door, where you can also collect your Auction materials. Please arrive on time! Note: No one will be admitted after 1:15 pm, because our check-in people don’t want to miss the auction.

* Check-in process: Your membership (or guest pre-registeration) and vaccine status will be verified at check-in. We will not keep copies of your vaccination card. You will be given a BAKG logo pen (if you don’t already have one) to keep, as well as your name tag and a raffle ticket.

* Snacks and beverages: These are permitted, but please keep them to a minimum, and be respectful of the people around you while you are unmasked to eat or drink.   

* Sanitation and hygiene measures: We will have a supply of hand sanitizer, masks, and sanitizing wipes for use on the microphone and appropriate hard surfaces.