September 2023 General Meeting

September 9, 1-4 PM
(check-in begins at 12:30 PM)

Guests Welcome

New York Society for Ethical Culture
2 West 64th Street (at Central Park West) New York, NY


Kate Kosturski, tech expert

Many of us know Kate as the Guild’s Webmaster from 2016 to 2021. She was central to the redesign of the BAKG website and her technological expertise was invaluable during pandemic Zoom meetings. Technology has been a part of Kate’s life from a young age. (Ask about the time she was called home from a sleepover at a neighbor’s house to fix the VCR, because no one else knew how.) Knitting, which Kate learned to do in 2008, keeps her occupied while she travels far and wide thanks to her publishing job in computer science research. Kate is also a freelance pop culture and comic book journalist and social media manager for a major independent comics website. In what little free time she has left, she is at the ballpark rooting for the New York Mets or Baltimore Orioles, pitchside cheering on Arsenal or Charlotte FC, or at home making something out of Lego or working on building her new vinyl collection.


Get ready to enhance your knitting life with some of the digital tools that are already at your fingertips! Kate will show how to get the most out of Ravelry, a crowd-sourced treasure trove of knitting information with hundreds of helpful search criteria. She will discuss how (and why) to use the site to catalog your stash and track your knitting progress, locate yarn shops, and find community with other knitters near and far. She’ll also share some of her other favorite websites, blogs, apps, podcasts, and streaming services to help you expand your knowledge, find new instructors, and get even more out of the internet.

Show and Tell

Bring it on! You’ve had three months to do some incredible knitting this summer. Let’s see it! Showing your work will bring joy, spark ideas, and nudge others to complete their own WIPs. (And thus, you may just be saving the life of an old yarn ball stuffed in a closet somewhere!) As always, only one Show and Tell item per meeting, please.

MEGA Book Sale

Since our last meeting, we’ve received donations of incredible and classic books. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to own these treasures at great prices. Remember to bring cash or checks.

Bring a Guest!

Guests are welcome! A guest’s first visit is free. Subsequent visits are $10, which may be applied to annual dues if paid on the meeting day.

Continuing Test for Livestreaming

Our in-person meeting will take place, as usual, at the New York Society for Ethical Culture (NYSEC). We are continuing to test our ability to livestream the meeting to accommodate those members who cannot attend in person. This meeting will NOT be recorded for viewing later; this is solely a real-time livestreaming test during the live meeting. This test is for members only.

Yarn Auction and Charity Knitting Drop-off

Donating yarn to the BAKG Annual Yarn Auction and Sale? Donations of bagged and tagged yarn may be dropped off in the kitchen at NYSEC during the September general meeting. Use the yarn label form. Items that have been knitted for charity may also be dropped off. Look for the drop-off area at the back of the meeting room.

Beginners Table

Need help with a pattern? Learning a new technique? Our instructor at the beginners table this month is Jane Martin. Bring along those guests who want to learn or improve their knitting!

NOTE: BAKG general meetings, workshops, or other BAKG-sponsored events, whether in person or virtual, may be photographed and/or recorded by audio and/or video. By your in-person or virtual participation at these meetings, you consent to the photography and/or recording and to the use of your image and/or recording in print and social media.